Loans South Africa

Blacklisted Loans  |  Pay Day Loans

Personal Loans
- Personal loans typically range anything from R500 and more and repayment periods for the loans range from 1 – 6 months.

Bad Credit Loans
- Bad Credit Loans or Blakclisted Loans are for people who has had trouble in the past with paying back their debts and as a result have been blacklisted. Whether you have bad credit, no credit history or a past bankruptcy Blacklisted Loans may be for you.

Pay Day Loans
- This option is ideal for those seeking an advance on their salary. Did you have some unexpected expenses? This option is ideal for those who are struggling through a tough month, and need a short-term cash injection to tide them over before payday.

Cash Loans
- Cash loans for South Africans. A cash loan might be jsut what you need to get by

Same Day Loans or Fast Loans
- Same day loans can really get you out of a financial bind should you be faced with one. Quick cash for emergency bills e.g. car repairs of medical bills, etc.